Waste Management Commercial Service Agreement

5.4 The maximum period is 14 days for non-clients and 28 days for ”account customers.” It is the tenant`s responsibility to request pickup in time. Otherwise, unannounced collection and/or rental fees are $3.50 per day for roll-on/offs and $1.50 per day for all skips, unless this is provided for in Section 2 of the service contract. WASTE: waste other than hazardous waste (as defined in the EPA). 5.5 All collections that exceed the collections mentioned in Part A or the additional services agreed by Kenny Waste Management will be charged in addition to the fee (at Kenny Waste Management rates from time to time). 6.5 The customer reimburses Kenny Waste Management for waste costs related to planned services that are not provided by Kenny Waste Management, as the customer does not provide access in accordance with point 6.1 ”Waste Expenses,” including administrative costs, attendance fees, shortfalls; Time and all other costs, costs or losses that Kenny Waste Management can prove are due to the client`s inability to grant access. 1.2 This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties with respect to the service, replaces all previous agreements relating to the service and prevails over all conditions provided by the customer or implied by law, business habits, practices or ways of thinking. 10.2 Both parties are replenished with their respective obligations when a party is prevented from fulfilling its obligations in a case beyond its proper control, including in the event that Kenny Waste Management`s waste management licence is revoked or amended to prevent Kenny Waste Management from complying with the agreement. 8.4 Kenny Waste Management is in no way responsible for the shortfall or expected savings; Loss or damage to reputation or value Loss of chances Waste of management or staff time losses or liabilities related to or related to other contracts; in all cases, whether direct, indirect, special and/or consecutive damage; or for other indirect, special and/or consecutive damages. 1.1 In this agreement, the following terms apply: 4.3 On the first anniversary of the delivery date and each subsequent anniversary, royalties (as amended in point 4) are revised upwards from the index published for the previous year. 8.2 Kenny Waste Management compensates for damage caused by negligence at the site (subject to satisfactory evidence of damage errors and quantes), unless the damage is the result of the following instructions from the Client or his staff. b) The client enters into an agreement or agreement with creditors, is in liquidation (except for the voluntary liquidation of a member) or has been the subject of a forced execution. 3.1 Kenny Waste Management makes the service available for the duration of the agreement, taking into account the fees payable under item 4 above and subject to these terms and conditions.

9.2 The customer can only terminate this contract in accordance with point 2.1. SERVICE(s): waste collection on site at the frequency set in Part A and in accordance with the specific instructions of Part A; (a) this amount is paid 5% per annum above Kenny Waste Management`s basic interest rate, calculated each day between the due date and the payment of the full amount in the funds charged, and Kenny Waste Management has the right to suspend the provision of the service until that date; and (d) Any amount that the client must pay to Kenny Waste Management is unpaid on the fourteenth day following a written communication from Kenny Waste Management to the Client indicating that an amount is due and payable but does not remain paid.