Suzuki Finance Agreement Program

Help us find a financing solution to meet your needs and budget with our easy-to-use financial calculator or see Suzuki Finance offers here. If you do not have your contract number, you can call our customer service on 0344 824 0876 Personal Contract Hire or PCH works in the same way as PCP, the main difference is that ownership of the vehicle at the end of the contract would not be accepted and the vehicle would be returned instead. However, another vehicle could then be selected under the same system (subject to credit quality verification). If you buy a car on financing, Suzuki Finance will buy the car on your behalf and own the car for the duration of the financing contract. This means that if you have chosen to purchase a personal contract (PCP) or a rental purchase, your vehicle is owned by Suzuki Finance until the final refund, including all interest – and after that, you will become the owner of the vehicle! A commercial lease is another form of financing your Suzuki vehicle, which allows you to get a Suzuki by renting the vehicle beyond a fixed repayment period. The transfer of ownership of the vehicle is completed when the financial services provider receives the last rent payment. nb. Subject to the liquidation of the outstanding financial resources. New agreements with status.

1. The guaranteed future value is not a representation of Suzuki Finance on the likely market value of your vehicle at the end of your financing contract. If the guaranteed future value applies and the vehicle is not returned in an acceptable condition, as defined in the terms and conditions or exceeding mileage limits, the future guaranteed value will be reduced and you will have to pay the difference. Subject to the terms of the future value guarantee (available on request). Buying a West End Suzuki car is buying from a company that has a good reputation for excellence. Whether you`re looking for a new Suzuki or looking for a high-quality used car, we offer you competitive financing tailored to your individual needs. 2. The feature is only available for all new suzuki vehicles and demonstrators on selected models. Please check with your dealer which vehicles are eligible for the program. Under our PCP product, at the end of the agreement, you have the option to return the vehicle and not pay the optional deferred final payment. If the vehicle is in good condition and has not exceeded the agreed maximum mileage, you have nothing else to pay.

If the vehicle has exceeded the agreed maximum mileage, a fee is charged for excess mileage. For more information on what is considered a good condition, click here. At the end of a pcp deal, there are two other options – you`ll find more information about it in our PCP guide. At the end of the loan period, you can return your vehicle to us for the GFV (subject to GFV conditions) or exchange it for another vehicle. If you want to keep your vehicle and not use the GFV, you can repay the loan or refinance your loan (subject to the credit rating). It is your choice and allows flexibility to adapt your situation. We still don`t know if this is the right funding agreement for you? That`s how the PCP works. Details Regarding your credit contract, the reference credit agencies are registered: you select your deposit at the beginning of the agreement, and then you pay the same monthly repayments with a fixed interest rate over the period you have chosen.

At the end of the agreement, choose one of three options: The balance is available to UK residents 18 years of age and older under the status. If the replacement of a party requires funding, you must enter into a new agreement (subject to status). Under the return option, you must make additional payments if the car is not in good condition for its age and mileage or if the car has exceeded its authorized mileage. Suzuki Finance is a business style of Suzuki Financial Services Limited, part of Lloyds Banking Group, St William House, Tresillian Terrace, Cardiff, CF10 5BH.