Contribution Agreement We Charity

Bill Morneau and his family also accepted travel expenses paid on behalf of WE Charity, some of which were reimbursed retroactively by Morneau during the scandal. [34] In addition, it was found that one of Mornau`s daughters was employed directly by the charity; while another girl spoke at several WE charity events and was featured in the We ”Future 50” portrait series. [35] [36] [37] During the events of the scandal, internal exchanges were discovered between members of the Department of Finance describing Morneau`s personal relationship with the Kielburgers as that of ”besties”; In addition, the Mornau office proved to be an important player in the decision to choose we Charity. [38] The WE Charity Scandal is a persistent Canadian political scandal involving the awarding of a federal contract to WE Charity for the management of the $912 million Canada Student Summer Grant (CSSG) program. This issue was controversial, since the charity had previously paid a close family of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to attend its events,[1][2] although it made claims to the contrary. [3] WE Charity also used images of Trudeau`s family members as important confirmations in their candidacy. [4] Trudeau claimed that WE Charity was able to manage the program as ”the only possible option,” and that it was the public service, not him who decided that WE Charity was the best option. [5] Trudeau has been a keynote speaker at six WE Day events and his wife hosts a podcast for the group they were not paid for. However, the charity covered some of Sophie Gregoire Trudeau`s travel expenses and over the years paid nearly $300,000 to Trudeau`s mother and brother for conferences at many WE events and reimbursed them about $200,000 in expenses.

On Wednesday, the charity announced it was dismantling its operations in Canada. In a media statement, WE acknowledged that they were in the midst of a political scandal for which she was ”ill-armed”. Rahul Singh, chief executive of Global Medic, a Toronto-based charity that provides emergency humanitarian assistance, said he was initially enthusiastic about the volunteer program and seemed like a ”perfect and natural fit” for his organization. The deal, which would have given young Canadians $1,000 to $5,000 in grants for volunteering during the COVID crisis, became a headache for the Liberal government after Trudeau`s family ties to WE Charity led to questions about possible political patronage. Finance Minister Bill Morneau, whose family also has ties to the charity, is now inheriting ethical investigations for approving the deal. On the same day, WE Charity and the Canadian government officially dissolved the agreement and called it a consensual renegade of the paths. [55] Mr. Trudeau also performed regularly – including the first event in 2007, according to the news site iPolitics – and his wife, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, hosted a wellness podcast for the charity. ”The WE Charity Foundation may enter into agreements with WE Charity, the WEllbeing Foundation and/or ME to WE Foundation of Canada to entrust tasks and responsibilities to subcontractors of the WE Charity Foundation,” the commented notes read. ”The intention was to do this so that the staff, expertise and assets of these companies could be used, if necessary, to implement the project.” On May 29, 2020, WE Charity hired an external public relations firm, National, to manage the program in Quebec and French-speaking regions. [50] National itself, prior to the repeal of the CSSG, was in the process of identifying other community groups in Quebec through members of Parliament. The amount donated by WE Charity to National was not disclosed by the charity.

[51] This called into question the assertion that WE Charity was the only organization capable of managing the program, given that it could not operate nationally without engaging a third party itself. [52] We informed Star Monday that the charity has made the decision to start work immediately, as the deadline for launching the program is tight until early summer.. . . .