Connection Agreement Erc

4. On 26 January 2009, the Commission published Resolution No 1, Series of 2009 entitled `A resolution on the adoption of amendments to the guidelines for the sale and transfer of TransCO sub-transmission assets and the franchising of the qualified consortium`, which provides, inter alia, that the distribution undertaking (DU) acquired by STA and the end-users directly linked to this operation shall endeavour to: develop a tariff acceptable to both parties and submit their approval to the Commission for approval; 7. Under the CA, DEZA installations are connected to their distribution system, subject to compliance with their prior connection requirements. This connection is made with a standard voltage of 69,000 volts, 4-draht, 3-phasig and 60 hertz, the reserved capacity being set at 7,500 kW, subject to payment of appropriate fees; Section 7. DU rates for directly connected end users. – Within six (6) months from the date on which the parties execute a deed of conditional sale or transfer of ownership or similar documents relating to the sale of the sub-account or the validity of these rules, as will happen later, the DEs and the directly related end user shall endeavour to find a mutually acceptable tariff, which is defined in the Bicycle Distribution Services Agreement or in the Monitoring Agreement and which the DU and jointly submit to the ERC for approval. If the acceptable rate for both parties between the DU and the end-user is the existing regulated rate of LA, as approved by the REB, a written notification to the REB instead of a formal application for authorisation would suffice. In addition to the CA and DWSA, two other agreements were covered by the negotiations between MERALCO and TPEC on behalf of DEZA, namely: the tariff plan and the fixed monthly distribution fee, which provide that the agreement will enter into force immediately after its approval by the Commission. However, it was agreed that MERALCO shall collect the fixed monthly distribution fee, the supply fee and the measurement fee with retroactive effect from the date of performance of the contracts, 30 March 2011. The agreement focuses on the supply of electricity and connection services for DEZA`s consumption for its offices and/or other facilities. DEZA agreed to pay MERALCO the fixed monthly distribution fee as well as the fixed supply and measurement costs with retroactive effect from the date of execution of CA and dwSA, 30 March 2011, until the approval of the emergency request by the Commission. (1) Missionary Electrification PhP0.0454 per kWh (ERC Case No. 2002-165) In the above application, MERALCO asserted, inter alia, that on 25 May 2012, NGCP had filed a ”demonstration” in which it stated that it had no comment on meralcoOs FOE and that it would not present evidence in the immediate application filed. The minimum fee is the sum of all applicable taxes, with the following fees per kW calculated as follows: the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG), the Audit Committee (COA) and the energy committees of both houses of Congress were provided with copies of the order and notice of public hearing and were invited to attend the first hearing of their respective duly authorized representatives.

. 13. In support of the immediate request and prayer for provisional authority, the affidavit of Ms. Noemi Jimenez, Vice-President and Head of Council and Pricing, Regulatory Management Office, has been appended to Appendix E; and. In accordance with the above-mentioned rules, DEZA continues to subdivide its electricity needs from TPEC and TPEC, DEZA continues to charge until the expiry of its PSC. On the other hand, meralco and SDC should establish a mutually accepted rate within six (6) months of the execution of the absolute deed of sale on 6 October 2008, subject to the agreement of the Commission. . .