Agreement About Basic Beliefs And Values

”In truth, in the beginning, this world was Brahman, the unlimited one-limitless in the east, with no limits to the north, no limit in all directions. This supreme soul is incomprehensible, indefinite, unborn, incomprehensible, inconceivable – he whose soul is space. If we describe three general worldviews, we will have much of the background needed to study and critically interact with Scientism and postmodernism. The three worldviews discussed in this chapter are vast systems from which Scientism and Postmodernism derive their convictions. If we understand these fundamental visions of the world, we will agree in the world of modern and postmodern ideas. Many of the critical concepts and questions of Scientism and postmodernism are defined within these worldviews. Since many of the concepts presented in this section are used throughout the text, a glossary is made available. In the next chapter, we will provide a framework for critical analysis of these worldviews. Ethical absolutism – Absolute values are objective and universal. ”Objective” means that moral truths are independent of what people believe.

”Universal” means that moral truths apply to all places in history. Recognizing the need to place man and human values at the heart of a broad and cross-cutting approach to cultural heritage, Hello, I really enjoyed reading your essay. They set out the three fundamental convictions very well, and it was easy to read and understand. I have quoted and referenced much of your information in my summary document for my class master`s degree. I wanted to ask you when did you write this article? I have not been able to find a date, and I would like to document this essay in my references. Thank you! a cultural heritage is a set of resources inherited from the past, which identify people, regardless of property, as a reflection and expression of their values, beliefs, knowledge and traditions in perpetual evolution. It covers all aspects of the environment resulting from the interaction between people and places over time; The main component of a worldview refers to the question ”What exists?” While few people sit down and think about the nature of reality, everyone has ideas about it.