Smi Agreement

7.1 Cancellation by the buyer is only possible when the publications have been submitted with the written consent of SMI GmbH. If SMI GmbH accepts the cancellation, it has the right to charge not only the cancellation costs provided and incurred, but also the cancellation fee representing 30% of the value of the total order not yet paid. The publication of SMI – Steel Market Intelligence GmbH (SMI GmbH) is made available only under the following general conditions, which are part of any SMI GmbH agreement. Please read carefully the following terms: 8.2 Information within SMI GmbH Publications is provided ”as will be seen” and without any guarantee. It is the buyer`s responsibility to verify the accuracy, completeness and adequacy of all information, services and other information provided on the website before acting on the buyer`s purpose. 6.1 Buyers may not copy, transmit or disclose SMI, print, electronic or other publications, or information contained in them. SMI GmbH has all rights to SMI GmbH`s publications. 1.2 These terms and conditions also apply to future contracts, although these terms and conditions are not expressly mentioned in the ancillary contracts. The government`s public or local authority must certify to the CMS in its letter that there is a declaration of authorization for each contributor under the SMI premium increase agreement. 5.3 SMI GmbH has the right to make partial deliveries and submit partial accounts for contracts comprising a number of publications. The goal is to assist Community Correctional Services (CHCs) and mental health services in the treatment of people with serious mental health disorders and complex needs, including a history of serious violent and/or sexual assaults.

6.3 Buyers provide access to all SMI publications (printed or electronic) only to the buyer`s staff. When an employer leaves the buyer`s business, the buyer must ensure that no copy or part of the publication of the MIS is transferred to a new employer. These plans are currently operated by LMEs. The Government will monitor gaps in services and services and, through contracts with PHPs and/or LMEs, will ensure that the number and quality of municipal psychiatric service providers are sufficient to enable a successful transition of persons entering or at risk in adult care homes, subsidized housing and for their long-term stability and success as tenants of subsidized housing. 7.2 After the publication has been made available to the Buyer in print, electronic or other form, the Buyer cannot cancel the order or request a refund of the purchase price.