Project Facilitator Agreement

PCs are available to assist federal authorities in energy saving contracts (ESP), energy services contracts (UESCs) and ESPC ENABLE projects. An agency should follow these steps to launch its ESPC project when using a PF provided by the DOE. Project preparers approved at LAE should review the FEMP ESPC project development guide, which is the FEMP process to support projects for people developing ESPC projects with doE IDIQ ESPC. Project Officers (PFs) are experienced and impartial consultants who guide the Agency`s acquisition team through the project development and implementation process by providing technical and financial advice. The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) approves and maintains a list of project mediators. The FEMP provides PF services on a refundable basis (to cover labour and travel costs) that are delivered by an inter-institutional agreement, the DOE Golden Field Office. PCs can be paid either in advance by the appropriate means or by the savings generated and guaranteed in the project contract. Federal authorities developing U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) ESPC projects with indefinite delivery and indeterminate quantities (IDIQ) are contractually required to cooperate with a DOE-approved PF, either provided by DOE or approved by the Agency.

The project development process must be referred to the PF from the first preliminary evaluation meeting to the review of the first annual measurement and audit report. ..