Elevator Service Maintenance Agreement

Initial Break-InThe contract sets the duration of the initial break-in period immediately after the acceptance of the device. It is usually 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. As a general rule, this initial break-in period is accompanied by a free service from the installation contractor. Is your elevator contract there for you? Does the service meet your current requirements? Are there ways to save money? These are all of the things you need to consider when reassessing your contract. This includes the same coverage as the full service, with the exception of the main components that are not taken into account. These include larger objects such as pumps, valves, controls, elevator machines, generators, cables and other appliances. While the monthly cost of this contract is lower, the total cost you pay is not determined. The total cost of the elevator is less predictable. We recommend that you rewrite this section of the contract to allow offers from other elevator repair companies. Maintenance contractsFour of the main types of elevator maintenance contracts offer you a number of coverage options. The more risk you want to take, the lower the cost of services.

One thing to understand is that the elevator maintenance plans are not a size-all set. What you need for your building needs depends on a few things: parts stored on site: leaving an elevator out of service while you wait for parts for a weekend, this is not a department store for an office building. But what about a condo with a single elevator? From Oahu, Hawaii to Winnebago, Illinois, from one to hundreds of elevators and hundreds of dollars to millions of dollars in contracts. The following variety has been selected to give you a certain amount of information for different situations. Each link below opens in a new tab, so you can easily compare contracts and keep that list open. Any questions? Feel free to chat with us, comment below, or contact us here. ProrationIf a maintenance company adopts an existing elevator system, it may contain a list of components. This list includes components that the maintenance company thinks it will need to replace soon and for which it is not prepared to bear the full cost.

Inessence, the company and the building owner agree to share the cost of the components that may wear out. In addition, some suppliers offer occupancy discounts when a large part of a building is empty for a long period of time. Elevator technicians are proponents of routine maintenance – especially preventative maintenance – as the key to optimal long-term performance.